Friday, August 3, 2012

TriBecca Allie

It's a Thursday evening in downtown Sardis, a small Mississippi town with a population of about 2,000. A production of Cats is running at the playhouse next door. Karen and I walk into a restaurant carrying a bottle of Pinot. We grab a table next to the kitchen and it's not long before Rebecca is at our table, smiling, joking, uncorking the wine. Karen hollers at Dutch, Rebecca's husband, who wipes his brow and places a pizza in the handcrafted brick oven.

It is lively here with so much to absorb. Rebecca, Dutch and their silent partner opened this place for business in 2009 after spending years renovating what was originally a post office. Now in 2012 you feel like you're in the middle of their dream. Both still maintain their jobs, Rebecca as a high school swim coach. Dutch, a coach for college golf. In between their cooking and visiting the tables the talk lends itself to the Olympics and as their guest you realize it is not only the food which brings people here. It is also their passion for people and conversation. They won second place for their pizza in a national competition, but I doubt they could have done that without their attitude.

Yet you can't deny their food. Don't tell them I said so but they could have provided the service of Seinfeld's Soup Nazi and I'd stand in line and quietly hand my money over for those roasted mushrooms, fresh baked bread, another slice of that Magnolia Rosa Insalata pizza and someone please help me a chocolate cobbler. The fact I was able to roll out of bed this morning obviously has much more to do with genetics than choices. (thanks, Mom and Dad)

Does anyone else notice that Karen has two pizzas in front of her? That girl can eat, I tell ya'!

Leaving was hard, Karen and I had to be shoved out the door. Returning will be easy, and I can't wait to take Slater and Kim. Maybe Shelby can go. I plan on running my mouth about this joint. imagine that.

Today I am grateful for small business, for people who through hard work and determination and passion and help from their family and friends and in Rebecca's case a swim team are able to serve as an example of what can be done.

And pizza. I am so very grateful for the pizza at TriBecca Allie Cafe


Chantel said...

Oh my, I think I just drooled on my keyboard...

Shea Goff said...

Chantel, you would have loved it! The whole thing but yes, the food was crazy good. I wish you could have gone with us. Lady, you live too far away.