Monday, August 6, 2012

the lion and the wolf

In the story of all cats think they're lions and all dogs consider themselves to be wolves the lion is the victor. The moral, maybe we'll find out. The cat seems fine with who he is. At no point does he think I would sure like to be that dog. But that dog, well, the dog always seems interested. She sniffs out everything. And the cat, he is something new so the dog being that she couldn't help herself even if she wanted to, becomes a tad bit obsessed with the cat to the point you wonder if she's a zealot.

she's not.

The cat has just eaten and is sitting in a chair, a chaise lounge of sorts. Anyone observing could say, That right there is the cat's chair. It is the cat's chair. He is unconcerned with me. He is laid back or all laid back, the coolest of the cool. I must admit at this point I look at the cat and think I'd like to be him. He seems good, pretty relaxed. The cat, feeling someone observe him, could not care less.

it's true.

That's when the dog started the fight though I don't think she meant it to be one. I told her, Stop that, Billy Sue. Don't mess with that cat. First three times she heard me but then I got distracted listening to another story someone else was telling. Billy Sue was left to fend for herself in the wild of a carport ruled by a cat relaxing in a lounge chair. The odds were against her from the start. Nobody in their right mind would have bet on her.

she didn't know that.

Which might be part of the problem since Billy Sue decided for a fourth time to sniff out that cat during said distraction. What resulted was not pretty. I guess we could call it a phenomenon, a time warp black hole of what the hell just happened.

As far as I can figure piecing everything together that cat had had enough. He thought Billy Sue needed to be told and saw I was distracted. The cat took it upon himself to provide her redirection. I don't know if it is the cat's skills or his ability to halt the passing of time which more impressed me. Both are pretty impressive.

At some point in the time warp continuum of I think this is when it stopped I was made aware of the dire situation and my jaw dropped. Looking back now I would say it was eight seconds of my mind saying, wha? and my body being without the ability to move. Eight seconds of a cat who is still partly relaxing and the other part throwing a left at six claws per second. Doing the math one would conclude Billy Sue, as she seemed to be frozen in the form of a statue offering her face, got forty-eight swipes right smack in the nose.

before she was rescued.

I don't know if there is even a moral to this story. You tell me.

Today I will take a picture of Billy Sue who is just fine. It may be tempting to call the humane society since two weeks ago I let her jump out of a moving car and Saturday I let her get beat up by a cat but I swear I'll try to do better. It's just. That dog.

Again I am grateful for That dog. She keeps the material coming.


Chantel said...

Poor thing. I once had a most beloved feline named Angus. Huge, black and white and King of all. I was in the kitchen, door left open to the afternoon breeze, and there was a scuffle...I watched Angus ride that howling German Shepherd a full block before leaping off to meander home.

Dogs have heart. Cats kick ass.

Shea Goff said...

I love your comment, Chantel.
You are so right.