Thursday, August 16, 2012

no such thing as goodbye

It is the remainder of the stay, the last morning to sleep in so I do so till 6am. Then I remember I need to write and I feel rushed because I also need to go to the laundromat and call someone about maybe, possibly, could it be that I will have internet at the new place.

Oh yeah, it is the last morning to meet you here.
Here. where we've been meeting.

Weird. I think we met here. it's like the old bar we all sat around. the concert we went to. the times at the beach. it was family. where we discussed Kim's homicidal ideations and Billy Sue's suicidal ones. I revealed my promise to torture a child. there was that one time I got mad. at least a couple of men I liked. movies, music, television shows. we saw art. photos.

geez. that you're still here is amazing.
I can drone on and on.

In fact I couldn't stop now if I wanted to. That's why I am going to prepare us a new place to meet. I'll be back soon with pictures and stories that are sure to be.

what did she just say, 
wouldn't it have been better to do it another way, 
you've got to be kidding, 
Billy Sue and country life.

While I am gone you are welcome to fall in love with these women.
Just know I'll be back and you'll be missed.

Today I am grateful for an excitement, an oh we are doing this. it's happening. we are moving, going on a new adventure. what's the plan? just that we'll meet there but one day soon.


Ellie said...

I, for one, shall be waiting (probably without much patience) for your stories and photos to return soon. You provide a lifeline to the what-could-have-beens, the sweet dreams of a life fulfilled, the never-ending gratitude for what is. A gentle reminder...

Susie said...

Shea,I love you and will miss you! Please tell Slater to let me know when you start writing again.Be safe and may God bless and keep you!!!

Chantel said...

I'm wishing you strength of spine and of spirit--I find these two things to be sorely tested in the midst of moving.

Missing you already...

Shea Goff said...

I just love all three of you women. The fact that you're here makes me smile.