Sunday, August 12, 2012

human failing

Cousins & Sisters

For what can we be forgiven? Everyone I know, with the exception of a couple of people and they're just joking, have admitted they've fallen short a couple or a million times. we all do. right? you. me. we all do.

But as humans we have categories of the failings, and I think though I don't know because I'm not whatever kind of ologist that would be, I think this is broad spectrum human stuff. not just spoiled chic hanging out at her computer. not just religion. it is dude at the cave stole your stick vs. dude at the other cave slept with the woman you drug up. One or the other is worse on a gut scale (or how bad did he need the stick)

We judge by instinct.

Of course, we're also taught certain judgments. We absorb them from the sounds, the words, the smells, the tastes. We all have a filing system. If we didn't then life may be too confusing. Without a system the papers go everywhere and we can never find anything and how did an A get in the Ps  and where the heck are those notes?

Maybe at the very core of us is this round organ which cycles all the nature and nurture with every pump of the heart. Our judgments beat within us but what if we are wrong?

What if we were just here to love?
Surely not.

Today I am grateful for the ability to love.

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