Wednesday, August 8, 2012

also, 'cause I'm feeling so bossy

I'd like to suggest three writers.

Chantel is. huh. A mother. If you ever want to hear what your mother says, if she can't still speak to you or she's busy that morning or you need to know there is love and care and sweetness and talent in a how did she do that kind of way then take a gander at what she does. She'll slow you down, make you think. Trust me, we all need her.

Pearl. Read Pearl everyday for some hellyeah, preaching to the choir, giggling till you laugh, it's good to know she's out there day in/day out kind of need.

Sharon. oh good gosh. (or whatever word the British use to say genius)

Today I am grateful for people who not only share their lives but do so in an incredibly loving way. Had enough of dark, insane, paranoid, craziness you can sometimes get on what is fed you? These women will give you hope for your fellow man. Seriously.

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