Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ummm is my favorite word lately, period

She wants it. She doesn't want it. Wait. She may still want it.


I think this is where the confusion finally sets in and I decide that it may be of good advice to temporarily exit the situation of the real estate world. If I was a doctor I would order myself to take a trip between the workers who don't want work and guys with great marketing but bad product and some type of internet behavior modification program I obviously signed up for without knowing it and preparing for Slater's move to his own apartment and do I even own a piece of clothing without a bleach stain on it, period, question mark, there is no way to correctly end this sentence.

I can't even write. I have to write. Wait. There is that story which has to be done by the end of July.


Yes. I am going away to write a story about a church and a wedding and I will learn to write again through some type of miraculous focus which will surely come from letting go of a list of chores which only grow longer as more are done and sometimes surely we must all slow down, period, exclamation point, question mark, who knows.

Last week over blueberry pancakes I asked my resident physics expert, So as the universe expands it gets faster, right?

Yes, he said.

Didn't need a book to tell me that, I replied.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity and the means and the awareness and ohmygosh I am taking a short vacation to do the work I want to do.

Of course, this right here is part of the work I want to do so I may have internet access, and, if so, I'll try to update. If not, I'll just have a nice little collection when I return next Monday. That you are still here is amazing. Thank you for your patience.


grannie said...

go on your vacation and enjoy, love you, aunt sue

Ellie said...

Some of us will miss you, but respite is good for the soul.

grannie said...

i'll miss your post, but can wait until you get back

Anonymous said...

Dang dude, surely you can find a phone line or cell tower to hack.

Anonymous said...

Hey mom, just sending out that the house hasn't burned down yet. Love ya.

Chantel said...

I do so enjoy your brain.

Rock the vaca, sleep without an alarm, and come back.

ps. Your son cracked me up. :)

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, Aunt Sue. I did. Love you too.

I missed you as well, sweet Ellie. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Anonymous, if only you knew. I can't even text much less hack. No phone, no television, nothing but a spider I kept thinking was going to write me a message from the horse in her web. Probably shouldn't have just admitted that, huh?

Nice, Slater. Love the yet and love you as well.

Oh Chantel, thank you. Since I think you are brilliant I take that as the highest compliment. I did, I did, and I'm back. yay.

ps. you'd absolutely adore him.