Sunday, July 1, 2012


Stress levels rise in a perpetual feel of you can do better. This is not enough.

Moon Hollow Farm

Then you remember stress kills and you look up to find the people you are meeting, they are laughing at themselves.

Then you realize you've been taking yourself way too seriously so you begin to breathe in spasms 'cause it's just so damn funny.

Today I am grateful for the smiles and the laughter happening all around me. It is wonderfully insane, and I realize how much I need it.


Young at Heart said...

ooh that did make me stop and smile!!

Luiz Banks said...

Maravilhoso ! Gosto muito deste tipo de trabalho ! Fico encantado e mais pensativo, no quanto de recursos temos para explorar o Humano !

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, Young at Heart. It is especially nice when you smile.

And thank you, Luiz. It is so nice to have you and your kind words here. I, too, am delighted in how our world has seemed to become smaller so that we may ironically discover more.