Wednesday, July 25, 2012

cows is a four letter word

There have been moments when I considered she may be mad that I told. It was quite the embarrassment but I assured her we all have those. Plus there are adjustments when a city slicker comes to the country. Large animals do not scare quite as easy as those cats in town. The bottom wire of a barbed wire fence may not be detected by those who have never seen one. It's just when you run slap into it one would hope you would learn. For the astute a single incident should do.

Now I tell her the telling of the story is therapy we should say, as if the tragedy of the moment is lessened with each word given to describe it. Before long she'll be able to laugh or at least maybe smile possibly, Come on. It is funny. Surely you'll admit that. Four days later is obviously too soon since her response is to turn and walk away. All that to say just don't tell her that I told.

It was the day after I met Otis and a time when I thought she might need some extra love so I said, Load up, Billy Sue. We're going to find some cows. This is beyond anything her favorite everything so she jumps in the car and we head out. Taking a left out of the driveway it's not even a quarter of a mile when I say, Billy Sue, look at those cows. It's a pasture full.

She placed her paw on the button. The window went down. There were a few muscles spasms maybe, excited gasps of air, some type of twitching. It all happened so fast. One moment she was there in the passenger seat, the next she was gone. Had flung herself out the window of a moving car.

My response time is not the best. Thank goodness I was only going ten miles an hour, but still that is pretty fast. Though a Civic is relatively low to the ground, it's not the ground and there was a fall, a thud, a hit. When I finally stopped and looked in the rear view mirror there she was standing in the road. She looked at the cows, looked back at me. I put the car in neutral, pulled up the emergency break, got out of the car, stood beside the open door, put my hands on my hips and yelled, What was that?

That's when she ran to the car, jumped in and tried to act like nothing had happened and though I had to get some grass out of her mouth and her chin was a bit bloody I was amazed by how little she seemed to suffer. The only reminder anything ever happened is her newly discovered repulsion of the passenger side's window and door.

Also, we don't say cows anymore.

Today I am grateful for the constant comic relief living with me. That dog is funny.


Chantel said...

Haha! So glad she's ok--I think I would have panicked way more than you did. lol Cows...

You do make me smile. :)

Shea Goff said...

Oh good. I like it when you smile, Chantel. Mission accomplished.