Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We are delving into a series of portraiture exploring the boundaries of what used to be. I ask a question and she answers with you're the artist which results in a loss of credibility.

First question of the test is how much sleep do you need?
If you answer the question in essay form of that all depends you fail the test and go to the assembly line.

I phone Josh, You're the artist.
Yes. Yes, he is.
I am simply the sibling of an artist who believes in what she sees.

Second question of the test is do you want to be a star?
If you answer the question by writing new lyrics to twinkle, twinkle little star then we may want to read more.

There are things I know, a truth to what he painted, not to please you and me but to tell a story by capturing a moment when nobody else was looking. One breath of not pandering for applause. I always found his work to be refreshing, intimate in the most you never had to take your clothes off kinda way. More intimate than naked when the shoulders could be slumped and we're not sucking in a gut. When we are talking to our pet, laughing with a friend, looking at a spouse or lost in our head.

I think when an individual opens our eyes to see something we may have not noticed and in the process of seeing it we become art as well is as close as we can come to knowing the artist.

Today I am grateful to know the artist.


Chantel said...

"One breath of not pandering for applause."

How I love those moments.

And if it's alright, I have a blog suggestion. I think you'll like him.


Shea Goff said...

Thank you for the suggestion, Chantel. His work is, well, I think you said it best in your comment to him. Again you've helped me to remember why I come here and I am grateful.