Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Abigail and John's son

Then shall the most distant regions of the earth be approximated by the gentle attraction of a liberal intercourse.

Then shall the fair fabric of universal liberty rise upon the durable foundation of social equality and the long expected era of human felicity which has been announced by prophetic inspiration and described in the most enraptured language of the Muses shall commence it's splendid progress. Visions of bliss!

With every breath to heaven we speed an ejaculation that the time may hasten, when your reality shall be no longer the ground of votive supplication, but the theme of grateful acknowledgement.

When the choral gratulations of the liberated myriads of the elder world in symphony sweeter than the music of the spheres shall hail your country, Americans! as the youngest daughter of Nature and the first-born offspring of Freedom.

July 4, 1793

Today I am grateful for large ideas and grand passions.


Anonymous said...

Dont know what u said but i like it, gotta google some of them big words. Probly gonna like it even more.

Shea Goff said...

Oh anonymous, too funny. I often thought when trying to decipher his speech that our dear John Quincy Adams was quite the rapper.