Tuesday, June 12, 2012


She sends me a thank you letter and I wince.
How did I ever get so lucky?
There are people of this world who just by their being can make you feel worse.
People who believe, who are kind and encouraging.
Today I should pen a letter or just a small card.
Could I break out the old cursive?

He says don't tell everything and my mind searches. Then I stop.

There is a party to my left, a discussion of theology on my right. Someone is giving up. The web, it is almost too much. Balance, a figment of the unicorn's imagination. I just try to do what I have been taught.

Give without expectation.
But what if I get lost.
You won't.
But how do you know?
I don't.

It was easier when you had money, when social risks could be masked.
Like the lady who cried last night but stopped to polish the silver for today's party.
The rules sometimes don't make sense so I tend to ignore them.
Ignorance can be bliss but not more so than the knowing.

Today I am grateful to know I have to turn off this box, unplug it.

See you tomorrow. love.


Chantel said...

Been gone a few days, catching up.

Ignoring rules encourages the soul to grow. Most times.

Shea Goff said...

You've been missed.

And yep, most times. Sometimes I think I may get in trouble for writing some of the things I do.