Saturday, June 9, 2012


I already suspect it is coming too close to being too much but tell myself it is only a next step.

How much time do we have? I turn off the phone.You have brought me a new book, talk as you walk around the room. I lay back into the arm of the couch, admire the way you move. I find safety in your distance and laugh at your confidence.

You look at your watch and shrug.

Today I lost my mind.

Did  you ever find it?

How would I know?

Valid point.

You sit on the coffee table, prop your feet up on the couch.

Sing to me.

What song?

I don't know. Maybe something about the nature of the universe, the grand will of men.

I forgot that one.

You grab my hand, bow your forehead into my knuckles.

Aren't you going to serve me?

No. You can take care of yourself.

Isn't servitude your duty, your purpose, your life's goal?

I smile, mockingly wipe my brow, To all but you, my truly capable friend. With you I just like to watch.

Today I am grateful for weekends, plans, friends and all the unknown.


Chantel said...

"Today I lost my mind.

Did you ever find it?

How would I know?

Valid point."

Oh dear, I believe you've been in my head...

Shea Goff said...

Oh good. I was wondering how confusing that would be to others but it made total sense to me. Thank you for letting me know, Chantel. And thanks for rocking my comment section, chic.