Monday, June 11, 2012

pancakes or waffles (for Pam)

Sardis, MS

She stirs her coffee, places the spoon on the saucer, looks out the window. I refuse to love you.

I know that. He smiles, scans the menu, Whatcha' gonna get?

Same as usual.

A man sits at the bar, smokes a cigarette and decides to never return.

There is a guy reading the paper at a booth to their left.

A small brass bell is attached to the door. It doesn't ring she thinks, rather it clinks or jingles or she doesn't know. It could be annoying if someone took it that way but she had refused to do that anymore. He was the one who looked bored.

It is a guy in well worn blue jeans, his shirt untucked. Maybe he is in town to get a haircut. The country folks'll sometimes do that, wait as long as they can before having to come. She remembers him from high school when the tragedy struck. He wears the sadness well as if it relaxes him. There could be something about a man who had been beat. Not that she'd want to know.

Regina takes their order and complains though it is morning.
Her boy is at the jukebox since he is out of school.

I told them not to have another kid, Ms. Mary talks so loud the whole diner can hear her. They can't handle what they got. Times are too tough as it is, she doesn't have to look.
She knows Julia is nodding.

He is on a business trip when he walks in that day.
She notices him not only because he is a stranger.

The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.
Charles Du Bois

Today I am grateful for those who explore and the notes they leave.

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