Wednesday, May 16, 2012


She warns me at the gas station.
There's a murderer on the loose.
Week before there were killings too.
It is the latest facebook news.

She looks worried so I use vigilante humor.
It is what I call my jokes.
She laughs 'cause they really are that fucked up.
Still laughter can be quick breathing which fear is prone to stop.

I once told him, even wrote it in an email, we create our world. He laughed at me, was older than me, had already seen too much. If you got behind the handshakes, the super sized smiles, you could get deep behind those eyes. That's what happens with honesty. it examines our truth. Still I asked him to tell me a joke, please keep me amused. Play the guitar, don't let me watch the news. Bring out the clowns and the fancy lights. I don't want to believe some people are human. Please just stereotype.

He was given to hover over such hate while I built islands in heaven with what I shoveled.

Pour me some more coffee please.
Turn up the music.
If this were our last day it is up to us to make it lovely.


Today I am extra grateful for law enforcement and courage and people who protect because they care.
Also, I am thankful for this day, my son, our favorite music, the laughs we'll have as we get ready for our Everything Must Go Sale.
This will be fun.

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