Tuesday, May 29, 2012

mister dauber and the girl without internet

Once upon last week there was this little guy who worked tirelessly building his home. Nervous, yes very nervous he was as if everything around him posed some sort of threat. He warmed up to me but it did take the entire week. He was not amused by my amusement. I at times wondered if he considered me lazy and thus an annoyance. Still I sat and watched, got in his way with my presence. Seven days later I became a fixture in his world because I no longer posed a danger. This to me, as much as to him, became a particular kind of ease and I can't help but wonder if today he'll miss me.

He'll still hear the singing, some guys who've taken to begging down the road. There will still be an afternoon sun beating down making him work faster of building and building and even some more until well, I don't know. I only got seven days and they were worth every penny I never paid.

Today I am grateful to be in a place where I can write you of him.

Thank you for waiting on me.


Chantel said...

Somehow your snippits leave me feeling relaxed...like the air is lighter in the room. xo

Ellie said...

oh, how I missed you...

Shea Goff said...

What a beautiful thing to say, Chantel. Thank you.

oh, Ellie, I have missed you as well.