Tuesday, May 15, 2012

it's funny


Thank you, luckyshirt.


Chantel said...


Chantel said...

On a totally wacko sidenote, I am tech-deficient. *sigh* How, oh HOW does one link a page with a word like "this??"

My e-mail is on my profile if you could explain this...I am begging you as I have wanted to link other's posts so many times but am stunted. Stunted, I tell you.

Shea Goff said...

Oh you wacko, I did the same thing. I asked a guy in a comment section once how in the hell do I link and he told me and now I am more than happy to pass the information on.

1. Right mouse click the address bar of the page you would like to link. This should highlight the address and give you a drop down menu.

2. Left mouse click Copy from the list.

3. Now go to the page where you create your post and highlight the word or words you want to represent the link. I think you already know this but highlighting would mean left click of the mouse dragged over the word or words.

4. Once it is highlighted choose the button on your dashboard (where you choose font, spellcheck)that says Link (underlined, fourteenth button from the left).

5. A box titled Edit Link will appear and will default to web address (where your cursor is blinking).

6. In that box right click your mouse and choose paste.

7. Press okay.

Please let me know if the above does not make sense 'cause I confuse myself when teaching. If it doesn't work I promise we'll get someone in here to help.

Otherwise link away, my friend. One of my favorite things about this blogging thing is we can share.