Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I don't want to talk about boys. not in that way. The conversation makes me feel weak. As if Don Draper by the third season just got too whiny for me. Here's the deal, and I hate that it's true, whenever we see something in others we don't like it's usually something in ourselves we need to tend to. Seriously, I don't like that rule.

Maybe I recognized some weakness in Don I was trying to avoid in myself. It could have been that those characters with their drama were too much to fit in such a tiny space left empty from all the drama in my head. Self awareness through television shows is just the worst (though safer than bars and drunk dialing). My therapist's name? Don Draper. He's good. I just stopped going when he started touching the hot issues. 

Oh yes, he's gorgeous when gorgeous is a commodity.
On that show the market was flooded and it soon lost it's value.

All that to say if you're still watching Mad Men I totally get it. The set design, costume, how beautiful everyone is and the writing. It's just that I needed some comedy and I may be as emotionally mature as a thirty year old which is saying something since last year I think I was about seven. It's just that it deals with relationships (men and women) without being so dramatic.

People, I was way too dramatic.
Ohmygosh capitalized with exclamation points.
You say, Dude. Tone it down. I say, I couldn't.
Until now when I finally gave up.

It's not that I don't adore the men in this new show. Zooey Deschanel is fantastic. I would love to be her and live with those three guys in that apartment. Plus, don't tell anyone. You know you come here for all the big secrets. It's free. You can watch it for free on hulu dot com.

In other news.

I went hiking yesterday with a dog who is emotionally allergic to walking.
It's okay. She lived but there were some close calls.

Today I am grateful to move forward.

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