Sunday, May 6, 2012

groceries plus

Everyone is happy here just some more serious than others. Studies show a smile is more apt to take your money. I hear a guy tell someone he's happy to talk to people who are concerned with our food supply. All I had said was, Oh. Homegrown tomatoes. Heck yeah.


Can I get some white bread with that, please?

My favorite of the day is this one lady who says she hasn't had her coffee yet. I stand in amazement and request that nobody give her any form of caffeine. She about has me convinced that something is wrong with what I use. I just can't quite go there, make the leap to think the people who make my Gain laundry detergent are somehow out to give me a case of eczema and the toxins emitted from my clothing are affecting my breathing. It's probably the cigarettes.

Kim buys it and now I question myself every time I get an itch.

The fact is I love a farmer's market if for no other reason my cousins and I sold watermelons out of the back of a green pickup truck. Already I love these people and admire their hard work and guts. It feels good to buy from your neighbor and hear that if you run out and order online you don't have to pay for shipping 'cause all you have to do is meet up.

The one in Hernando, MS is on a beautiful square. Not as big as I expected but you know these things, they grow. I do recommend it.

Today I am grateful for good soil and local produce.

Also, if you know Nick, the Army Ranger from Out of the Wild: Venezula on Netflix, could you tell him that he's as sexy as a tomato? How my heart flutters.

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