Friday, April 13, 2012


Como Green Grocer

Once a year you will have to, you just must, throw caution to the wind and create a sandwich which makes tomatoes bad for you. Well, all of you except Slater. He is excused since the fruit was the only thing I craved during my pregnancy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner he received his lifetime supply during gestation.

I'm pretty particular on this one.
At Thanksgiving I want Granny's cornbread dressing.
During tomato season I want my tomato sandwich.

What you (I) need.
Three quarter inch slices of a Big Boy Tomato out of the neighbor's garden
Two slices of Sunbeam white bread (toasted optional)
Enough Blue Plate mayonnaise to lather each piece of bread
Sharp cheddar cheese, grate it yourself
Zesty Italian dressing (just enough to drizzle over the tomatoes once they're on a slice of bread)
Salt & Pepper

I doubt you need directions. It's a sandwich. You got this one.
No need to thank me. Consider it a gift.

This year I may eat my tomato sandwich to music. Q suggested this, and I think it is perfect.

Now I'm thinking about okra and peas and farmers' markets and stands on the sides of the road.
And how grateful I am for the gardens being planted this time of year.

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