Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Spring Show

Main Street Gallery in Como, MS

It is the day before The Spring Show. Tomorrow night Como will be packed with cars lined on both sides of a split road. Though I have neglected to do any studies I will go ahead and say it is one of the most thriving rural towns we have in this state. At least part of the town's charm is it's artists and how they are supported there. The floor above will be filled with heels and boots and tennis shoes.

I don't know what it is like for an artist to stand there by their work and look into people's faces as they examine what was done. Art can be so personal. Does it feel like a judgement? What draws my eye may not draw yours and vice versa. Sure I would imagine everyone would be kind but you know how it is when you see something you love, like a piece of music you play over and over. You can't help but return to it.

I am nervous. Some of these artists I have never met, only admired their work. Part of me fears there won't be enough time to browse and listen and photograph and love what has been done. Sharon secretly told me what she is showing saying, You won't tell anyone. To which I replied, I just have a blog. I can't wait to see her pieces. Her descriptions made me smile. Just the thought of seeing Avatar, you know I love that dog. Not to mention I may get to meet Hughey Burchfield and Molly Hawkins and Grace Estes Henderson. I know both David Marsh and David Dickerson will be showing. There will be others, and my mind almost can't handle thinking about what is sure to be sensory overload.

Sound like fun to you? It's from 5pm till 9pm.

Tonight I will be working on another project and will try my best to be here tomorrow but I may require your patience. It is likely I will be late to this our meeting spot.

Today I am grateful for the potential of a day, a night, a weekend.


Chantel said...

Your excitement is palpable. And yes, it is a bit like judgement...there is a nakedness in hanging. This gallery looks grand, I love how big the room is! After my last show in January, the owner asked if she could keep 8 of them to display in a huge picture window on main street for a month. I often found myself wondering during February, the hundreds of cars that passed by every day...what they thinking? I'll never know. (but I did sell two more, that's a good thing, right?) lol I await your telling of this weekend with anticipation!

Shea Goff said...

You would have loved it, Chantel! Just as I am most positive we would have loved your show.