Thursday, April 5, 2012


Being at home this last weekend was about as far as I've ever felt from this place. Left Saturday came back Tuesday, it doesn't make much sense. I've tried to pinpoint it. Was it the ride to House, MS with Dad? That Madalyn and Priscilla were waiting on pizza when I got there? A conversation with Josh, pictures of golf? Jesse's birthday and us getting to share photography? Or Madalyn and Jason and the hour we got to spend? Maybe it was Wyatt was better and was laughing and smiling like you wouldn't believe.

It couldn't have been the weather. It was too damn hot for Spring.

You can't tell it on these girls' faces but they are disappointed. It's Mom's fault. She's the one who left the note which read, Bobby, Shea will be here between five and six. She'll bring pizza for dinner. Love, Patsy.

Who'd thought a simple note could cause such a mess?

It's just that I didn't know Madalyn and Priscilla would be coming over to lay out by the pool and have some beer. Note: Laying out in the sun by a pool with the sound of rushing water and some of your favorite music while talking and laughing and drinking beer will lead to a pizza craving to the point that when said pizza you've been craving doesn't show it could lead to some disappointment.

If only I had known I woulda brought the pizza. It's just that Mom never said. All Mom said on the phone was, What time will you be getting here?

Probably between five and six.

Well you know I'm taking Jesse to Taylor's play. Can you stop on your way and bring your Daddy some dinner?

Sure. Like what?

Oh I don't know. He's not here for me to ask.

Just pick up anything?

Pizza. Pizza will be good. Bring him pizza.

Consider it done.

Between the I love yous and goodbyes on that call and five hours later Madalyn and Priscilla got the pizza cravings 'cause Mom left the note and I decided that pizza would take too long. I got Chick-fil-A since it was a drive through and they're fast and I only had thirty  more minutes of a four hour drive till I was home. Though I felt I got plenty in case someone showed up.

It was actually pretty funny. Dad was out working, cutting wood, pulling weeds, fixing this or that, cutting grass, getting stuck in a ditch and getting himself out when I got there at five thirty so proud I had made it in the exact average of time between the range I gave Mom. I was going to tell her too, how good I did.

Good I did not because those girls were coming in the back door while I was coming in the side. From the looks on their faces and they way they screamed pizza I knew it had been a while since either had given in to such a craving. They scared me and I all of a sudden realized what I had done.

We all laughed. Priscilla had her carrots and some waffle fries. Little Madalyn scarfed down a chicken sandwich. Josh gave me hell and got something out of Mom's fridge. The fact is we laughed that night on the back porch and I realized that is what I miss. That and all the other stuff is what I miss about home.

For you, my precious you sure have stuck with me on this reader, I have some souvenirs.

Mouser, Dad's Cat and my 3am Buddy

Josh's Golf

Turkey Season

Before the biscuits on Sunday morning

Dragon War

Yes. Yes. She already knows more than me.

Funnyman. A million outtakes with this the most blatant.

Dad always said he wanted to make a home place, a place his children would always know as home.  He had one of those on the hill where he made ours.

I always told him it was us and not a place.

Maybe we're both right.

I am grateful for home.

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