Monday, April 23, 2012

Como, part two

Como Steakhouse

By five on Friday evening there came a thunderstorm. I had sat out on the porch in the courtyard and listened as the thunder neared. Though I am no fan of lightning, I have always considered Mississippi to be a grand place to observe a hard rain. This, I thought, must be a good omen. Yes, I was reaching. Reaching for something to tell me it was going to be okay. That night I was going to take good pictures, I was not going to make a fool of myself. Even if I did or didn't there was this, a good hard Mississippi rain.

Kay had an umbrella by the door which was nice since I don't think I even own one and the rain had become a gullywasher, a term I first heard years ago from my Dad. So again I smiled, made sure my camera was tucked in neat and headed down the sidewalk. Not only did I need to go to The Spring Show I had received an assignment, nightlife in Como.

It's funny to consider now safe in my home that I am creating a job which goes against my most natural state of burrowing up alone. The Como Steakhouse was certainly going to be my first stop. It has at least four dining areas, each with their own appeal (my favorite being the bar in the back). One of the owners, Rick, says he has rarely paid for advertisement. All he has to do is provide a good meal and he's right. That night was a crazy rain but it was Friday and people came because they knew a good meal is what the place is about.

This is me hiding in a staircase.

Not only is it a good meal, it has provided one of the best steaks I've ever had and one of those places as Slater has grown into a man where we would splurge. Won the soccer championship game? Como Steakhouse. Completed another year in school? Como Steakhouse. Eagle Scout? Como Steakhouse. Graduated? Como Steakhouse. You get the picture, Como Steakhouse.

I will get to the show, I promise.

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Today I am grateful for traditions.

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