Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Como, part three

The Spring Show, Main Street Art Gallery
Como, MS

I will admit the camera is my crutch. When I enter the gallery my brain is already putting up a fight. There is so much here and lots o' people and I think I'll never be able to get it all on the blog for you. The camera is the best way I have found to focus.

Three Boys, Photo on Board 24" x 36" (Reverse Framed)
Kris Robinson

There is a 36" x 48" reversed frame photo on board by Kris Robinson called Jenny and Earl. It draws me in and I love it and it is the sweetest, most precious scene and I didn't get the shot. Either I'll have to go back or you'll have to go see it. I'm being totally judgmental when I say, Amazing photographer with some of the most peaceful, endearing scenes. I think if I lived in a high rise somewhere among busy city streets with concrete and constant then I would need one of her pieces on my wall if for no other reason but to help me remember what this place is.

Joy in Any Language, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"
Helen Christie Argo

Katsumi: Victorious Beauty, Mixed Media on Canvas 30" x 40"
Helen Christie Argo

Again many artists, much talent. Accepting that I have failed in bringing it all back to you is the only way I can return. Giving up, letting go. I begin doing just all I know to do and find a safety here in these works. Even in this place with all of these people I am thinking about our conversation.

Square Books Double Decker, 11" x 14" (Framed 16" x 20")
Molly Hawkins

Sunflowers in Orange Pot, Photographic Print 11" x 14" (Framed  16" x 20")
Molly Hawkins

Sycamore Street, Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 20"
Molly Hawkins

Turquoise Flower, Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 20"
Molly Hawkins

Molly is the only new artist I meet. She is standing in the back left corner by her work. This is great because I've been wanting to have a conversation with her. It is also a problem because like my Dad I have entire paragraphs of conversations with people in my mind which means when I finally get to talk to them they're usually a bit stunned by the summary sentence that comes out of my mouth. In my defense if they heard the whole paragraph it might make more sense. or not.

The only thing I want to ask Molly is a question about happiness. You see I already know Molly is the mother to one son who is now in his senior year in high school. I think I remember she is about my age, teaches second/third grade, performs whatever duties it takes to be married to a man (I'm totally clueless but remember this as one of the hardest things I ever tried to do). She paints, shows at galleries and has a line of note cards and t-shirts featuring her work.

The crazy thing? It's some of the most optimistic work I've seen. Bright colors, images of beautiful days. Happy scenes like what you would expect a child to paint but better because it is done by a trained adult. And yes, when I meet her she is just as glass is half full, beaming as you would expect. Thus, I have to ask her 'cause I know you want to know. I sure did. It is the question any good art connoisseur would ask an established artist,

Molly, do you ever find yourself in the fetal position sobbing? (like she'd have time) 

I quickly rephrase the question, I mean, have you ever  painted a dark cloud?

Her immediate answer, No. Then, I love self help books. I read them all the time.

I think to myself.
she makes a choice.
could it be that simple?
hm. yeah. maybe so.

Spring Bouquet, Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"
Janice Kennedy

I hear the one above sold. Janice Kennedy has four pieces, and I find myself coming back to her work like that one song playing over and over.

Light, Oil on Canvas 8" x 10"
Janice Kennedy

Sunflower Field, Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 20" Gallery Wrap
Ernie Kelly

Great Blue Heron at Rest, Pastels on Paper 18" x 24"  (Framed 24" x 30")
Signed Limited Edition Prints Available
Terri Massey

Terri just picked this back up after an accident, an exercise in keeping her hands and mind busy. Some things just blow my mind.

There is not enough room here to tell you everything, to show you all the work they are displaying. The Spring Show is running through May 26th on Friday and Saturday nights. If you can't get there but would like to see more of the work or ask about pricing you can email David Marsh at pneumarsh@gmail.com or check out their facebook page.

Today I am grateful for the ways in which people share.


Molly Hawkins said...

Shea -- thanks so much for coming to the show.... and for writing such a flattering post ;) ~ I enjoyed visiting with you the other night and look forward to seeing you again! Your writing and photography is fantastic ~ what a wonderful talent!! Again, thanks!

Young at Heart said...

oooh....pictures to inspire and brighton a very dull and dizzmal day in London...thank you!!

Shea Goff said...

All my pleasure, Molly. Keep at it. What you are doing is fantastic.

So happy to return the favor, Young at Heart. London has been such a nice place to visit through your eyes.

Chantel said...

"I have entire paragraphs of conversations with people in my mind which means when I finally get to talk to them they're usually a bit stunned by the summary sentence that comes out of my mouth. In my defense if they heard the whole paragraph it might make more sense. or not."

Wow. You've just summed up the stumble that has haunted my first contacts since the 4th grade.

This seemed like a brilliant evening...

Shea Goff said...

It may be why I like to wear t-shirts that give general warnings, Chantel. Ya' know, so as to possibly prepare the people I meet for the summary sentence.

And yes, it was a brilliant evening.