Saturday, April 21, 2012

Como, part one

Three Horses, Pastel 18" x 24"
Janice Kennedy
I promise to get to the show.

Hi, you. I let you down yesterday, didn't I? It's not I didn't think of you and it's not I didn't feel guilt for neglecting to take the time to sit here and tell you everything that was happening. It was just everything was happening and it's not I'm complaining because I need things to happen in order to survive. One thing I do know is I need to come here, we need to have this conversation in order for me not to lose my mind.

Oh, the drama.

It's just that Thursday night I almost died in a fight with a hot tub cover. Oh you poor thing. (This is you being sarcastic) No. Really I'm not wanting your pity. At one point right before the hot tub cover was going to throw the fatal blow I accepted my death and thought, Well if I'm gonna die it might as well be at one of the most beautiful places in the world. When I told Slater that it could have been Mrs. Kay would have found his dead mother's body under a very violent hot tub cover and that would have been my end he said, That sounds like a good Mom story. To sum up it was the movie 300 and I'm whoever lost.


Como Courtyard

Anyway, Kay told me to get in the hot tub and she told me to sleep in the bed, all authoritative like, because she knows that I don't like for her to have to change the linens so I normally sleep on the couch. She left a mint she said. It's comfortable, promise me she said. So I did and the sheets they were a million thread count and there was a mint on the pillow of which there were four pillows and three blankets and love, love, love.

I ate that York Peppermint Patty in bed. Total indulgence, total gluttony. Wonderful.

Thursday night was dinner with Kay at The Oyster Bar on a deck with temperatures dropping as our toes in flip flops froze. It didn't matter though 'cause it was awesome conversation and great food (the burgers are clearly the best deal in town). We talked about everything and laughed and Sharon was a table over and it felt great just to be there and to be outside for a moment with happy, generous people who have taken me under their arm.

Dear Bud Light, I will accept your sponsorship.

The words thank and you will never be enough. Kay said, You don't have to take pictures. To which I replied, Yes. I do. The truth is I will crumble and did under the pressure to take a photograph good enough to show you who she is and what she means to me.

New Fixtures
The very spot I almost died. Nice, isn't it?

There's something about a place with a door knob this authentically old. It reminds me of my great grandmother's house and making dolls out of old washcloths in a swing on a screened in front porch.

One of the best things you can do is bring someone here, watch their mouth drop open and then say, It's all your's. Yet another great thing is it is less than many hotel rooms where you may get a nice room but nothing, absolutely nothing, like this.

The New Fountain

This is when you say, Shea, how many photographs can you take of a fountain? and I blush,  UmDon't ask.

Although I do recommend you taking someone, I feel it is almost necessary you make one trip to Kay's place all by yourself. Whatever you planned to pay a therapist, invest it here. Another one of those best deals in town.

There it is, my friend, part one of the last three days. There is so much more, like what I saw at the show and the last minute opportunity that so wonderfully came my way. Right now though I've got to go cuddle up with my most favorite dog in the world, oh how I missed her, so glad she forgives me for leaving her, precious Billy Sue.

Tonight I am grateful for the people and places we come across.

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