Wednesday, April 25, 2012


In a thick accent she wonders how much she'll owe for the photographs. I am confused by the words coming out of her mouth. It's not a question many people ask and I can't help but laugh. No, no this is just to help you.

I don't owe you anything?


I'll be right back. She runs off to take care of some customers so I wait.

This gives us both time to consider the situation. She has just been confronted with a stranger off the street. Even if she asked for a business card I couldn't present her with one. Like running a restaurant is not enough now she has some random woman wanting to help(?). How often does someone come to you without needing something in return? She is justified in her suspicion.

I know it is her second restaurant, her first being an obvious success. This is not as busy as I had hoped and without the crowds a camera is more noticed. Just enough thought leads me to wonder what the hell am I doing. I've heard of this before. Some guy wants to be a surgeon so he gets some scrubs, sneaks into an operating room and performs. Or was that just a made for television movie?

She returns, Now. What are you doing?

I am taking some photos for a magazine. It's an article about nightlife. This could help you with business, and blah, blah, on and on until I finally have her nodding.

Now with you I ask, Does the fact I believe in what I am doing and what I am saying make me any more of a photographer when all I am truly doing is hoping and praying for a good shot?

Today I am grateful for momentary lapses into delusions of grandeur.


Chantel said...

I'd say your delusions of grandeur have some basis as I keep returning for a glimpse through your lens...

Shea Goff said...

Oh good 'cause it's nice having you around. Thank you.