Saturday, March 31, 2012

when it lasts longer than eighteen months

We have history, long ago and far away in a place and time I don't even know how. It would be silly to think I fell in love with him just by something he said. Silly but true. It could have something to do with how very early in my existence, so early it contains my grandfather's face, I fell in love with stories. Then later, much later, after my grandfather's face only existed as a photograph or a memory, when this new guy told a story I would fall immediately in love.

I did. It's silly. I admit it.

Of course there are/were others. There has to be since there is too much love to be focused on just one. How could anyone ever stand so much love? Surely he would crumble under the pressure. Then he wouldn't be able to tell a story which is crazy since that is why I fell in love. So, yes, there are other loves. many loves. I am a whore for stories.

Still I must tell you something of which I could never be proud. I hate to pick favorites 'cause I want to love everyone just the same but this guy, he stands out. Maybe because he gives a glimpse of a place I have never seen. It could be that he seems to politely share without asking anything of me. I favor telling you it is like we are in a bar, a dark one and we're the only two there. Maybe it's been a tough week, it's late and he says something to the bartender which I overhear and then I chuckle and add something to the conversation and he smiles and before long I have moved closer, pulled up a stool right next to him and he begins.

a story.

More from Etgar can be found here of course.

Today I am grateful for storytellers.

Also, I am going home to collect some stories for us. Be back in a few days.


Chantel said...

Wow.....that was amazing. Such spirit and ingenuity--can you imagine the joy and passion he lived every day with? Wow.

Young at Heart said...

ooh who doesn't love a good story....riviting!!

Shea Goff said...

Yes, ladies. Definitely.