Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I meet a dog without a name. I always ask their name, partly because I need something to say to the owner as I am molesting their animal and partly because I like to have some proper conversation with said animal. He is full grown and she says he has no name. It is the first time I see her face as I look up with the most accusatory and judgmental stare then try to disguise it with a smile as she seems nice enough.

He doesn't have a name?

She shakes her head and says, No.

He has to have a name. Did you just get him? I look back at him and actually consider giving him a name right there but then figure I might be crossing some sidewalk stranger etiquette line.

I'm not letting him go until she continues so she does, We just got him yesterday. Our friends' neighbors couldn't take care of him. There was another one too. Our friends got her. He's skinny, we have to fatten him up.

Oh he's so sweet. He loves his ears scratched and is sniffing me out so I tell him about Billy Sue and how she doesn't like to take walks, no further than to the mailbox.

Yeah. I don't think he's ever been on a walk. When I took him out of the pen it was like he was scared to come outta the gate.

Oh my gosh. I tell him I love him. Right there on a broken sidewalk I fall absolutely in love with him so I tell him and he seems happy enough.

Are you taking pictures of anything in particular? She asks.

I remember my camera around my neck, the bag around my chest, Just here. I have a little blog so I can show here. Ya' know, so people who can't be here can see here.

She nods and smiles.

I suddenly realize what made for television mini-series character I am playing. It's a small role, no high paying job, forget the Emmy nomination. I tell him and her, It was nice to meet both of you. Good luck with a name.

Then as the forgot to take a bath today, crazy lady with a camera taking a picture of everything I walk away.

No, I didn't get a picture of him. It's just that he's already been through so much. Maybe if we ever meet again.

For you I did get some shots though they come with a disclaimer. Obviously, spring is here and I'm pushing light. The color is wild out there so I will have to adjust.

My own little impromptu, break through the driveway flowerbed.

Look, Jess. Baby butterflies in a ball.

It's like it tried so hard to get out and was then sad once it got there.

It took so much self control not to walk in this place. It's gutted, and I have always loved it. It wouldn't be breaking and entering, just entering. What kinda time do you get for that?

Grateful for spring, front porches with swings where old ladies sit and wave and people we meet along the way.


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures thank you for sharing the world. Now if you could just figure out how to add sent to your photos. CJ

Anonymous said...

*scent! My error! CJ

Shea Goff said...

Hey, CJ. What a great idea but you know what it made me realize? I never that day, not once, smelled a flower. How absurd.

Thank you for reminding me to do it next time.

Anonymous said...

even still awesome pics. Please keep them coming. I love what you do. CJ