Saturday, March 24, 2012

show, Betsy Brackin

Mississippi River Delta 36 x 56 Acrylic

I know you wanted to know. I did too. It's just that the place was mind blowing and there was this really cool guy there with a Canon 5D and Betsy has done at least a zillion pieces in a million ways and the lighting and the food and the people and I forgot to ask.

I did get to talk to her. I waited in line but then I felt rushed and pressured by such a crowd so I blurted out, Hi, Betsy. My name is Shea. I am Josh Miller's sister.

She was all, Who?

(not really, just ribbing my brother a bit)

Actually she smiled, talked about having been to my house. I told her about the Palmetto Cheese piece I had hanging in that very same place. She responded with Weird  that I assume can only be seven years seeming like seventy of travel and people and places and time did pass.

Naoussa 8 x 18 Acrylic

So no, I didn't ask. Kim and I had already discussed the crucial question of Can I photograph your work?

By the way, if you ever attend such a classy place make sure you take Kim. She'll class you up by at least ten vantage points.

Thus, the first question had to be, Betsy, can I photograph your work?
Betsy said, Sure. I'd love for you to.

And then I had to get my camera out of the bag. I needed it in my hands and I didn't think to ask that one question that we wanted to know.

Piso Livadi Boat 12 x 10 Graphite 

It was a balancing act of light and people, both streaming through. Her art lined at least seven walls.

Piso Livadi Boat 10 x 12 Acrylic

There was a point I thought does she just wake up and decide today I guess I'll work in oils.
You and me, I think we need to know. 
It should lead to the answer we want to know. 
Why didn't I ask? 
I don't know.

Bonnaroo 15 x 21 Watercolor

I guess my only excuse is it is a type of sensory overload to see all of this work in one place. Betsy almost seems too young to have produced what she has. From Arkansas to Tennessee to Mississippi to Greece it is at the very least a product of extreme focus.


I wonder if that is what she would say. You know, if we asked the question, Betsy, how did you get there? How did you get here?

She may have mentioned focus but I don't know if she being the sweet humble girl she is would admit to having the talent it takes to do what she does. That's got to be at least part of our answer. There's got to be a gift.

I am grateful for the opportunity to witness and share an artist's work.


Chantel said...

Oh my, such lovely work! (I'd sell something huge to have Naoussa) I think you were marvelous--who would keep their head in a moment like that?!

Pearl said...

Wow. I just love her work!

Lucky you, having met her...


Shea Goff said...

Right on, Ladies!

Thank you for stopping by and offering sweet encouragement.

May you have a nice Sunday.