Sunday, March 18, 2012

not a race

When he decided to give it a chance I watched him walk. It was less of a limp and more a strut his bones would allow. The day, he said, looked like rain. I may have mentioned we could wait. If I did I'm sure he scoffed at a youngin with no sense at all.

The ride was quiet, the car always neat. We stopped at the first one and he looked at their junk. Cardboard boxes of this and card tables of that, a smiling couple sat in lawn chairs and watched. He rifled through the boxes and I walked to the car, opened the trunk. Pulled out the camera and went to where he stood.

Whatcha got there? There was something in his hand, a bolt, a screw or a nut.

Just sum'un I need, he looked at me and smiled.

Let me look, I lifted the camera, took a shot.

Hi, you.

I think I know what happened during the time we were not going to mention. It's silly, absurd and simply a theory, I promise. I got too anxious, desperate it seemed that somehow, someway life was going too fast and I was never going to catch up. These people, those people, there was no way they were going to understand. And they didn't maybe because I needed to.

I don't know but writing that helps me to relax so we'll go with it.


Today I am grateful for deep breaths and the opportunity to relax as I accept the same pace for myself as I would for others.

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