Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Good, fast or cheap, pick two of the three, he writes more than once. It is one and one make two and an apple falls from the tree. I know he's right. It's too simple of a mantra to be wrong.


He would raise an eyebrow.

What if you're never good enough?

Good, fast or cheap.

What if you can always be better?

Good, fast or cheap.

Okay. What if you think you may be getting better, you've been practicing for free and you love it more than anything else you've ever done and you think this must be it, this feels right and you have to price it?

Good, fast or cheap. Pick two.

Good and fast?

Is that a question?

Good and fast.

I am grateful for books written by smart people. and the resulting imaginary conversations I have with their authors.

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