Saturday, March 17, 2012

dear internet,

We can pretend nothing happened. Your life didn't go on. I didn't go crazy. There was certainly no loss of control. It was just a slight malfunction. Let's not call it a twist of fate. Please don't say synchronicity as if it was all a meant to be. When we get together there'll be no knowing looks, no something has changed.

The house is clean. You'd be impressed. The studio, one quarter ready. A third, Slater said. Spring came and so did projects like something was working without me there. I know it always is but usually I can feel it holding my hand. There was a deep darkness, a silence where my mind questioned everything.

I still came here. I still wrote.

It's just that


I don't know.


Post Script. I am definitely grateful to be here.


Chantel said...

A slight malfunction....those tend to unravel the fabric of my sanity.

Here's to a clean house.

Shea Goff said...

Amen, Chantel. I think what I found out is there is a huge difference between those things you decide to change and those things which change without your consent.