Friday, March 23, 2012


You command Let's go and she almost throws a hip getting to the door. Before Load up meant you were helping her but now she jumps and claims her place in the passenger seat of the car. If you don't drive far enough you are going to have to play a trick 'cause Get outta the car, Billy Sue or Out or Exit or Down or Please won't work. If you don't want to say Cookie you have to park, turn off the car, look at her and whisper Shhhh. They're out there. Be really really quiet. She looks at you and then stares at the door. This is when you need to slowly gather your stuff, slowly place the keys in your purse. After doing so it's always best to look at her again, the moment right before you need her attention. Billy Sue, it'll take two 'cause she's so fixated on the door. Billy Sue, her eyes look up but her head doesn't move. Again whispered, Listen. We gotta get out fast. It's a surprise attack. Her acknowledgement is the concentration she gives back to the door. Then you do it real fast, you bust outta that car. She's right behind you and you both freeze when you land, look around then at each other. They must've left, you say in your most relieved tone.


Where I used to work was this guy who liked to run marathons. I'd see him once every six months and he'd always like to talk about his training, those morning runs. Those were my favorite part because I would always ask about the bulldogs, a pair of English ones who lived in a house on his path. He did not like them and I wish I could have but I never could help but laugh. They tried to attack but it was odd and strange and he didn't know what to do. It seems that this pair at the end of their chase would headbutt him rather than attempt to bite. Just push him was all they would do and he was so mad because it became some torture he had to endure. I just knew that if they ever got him down he could have so much fun.

Grateful for the games we play.

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