Monday, February 27, 2012

excuse me, you dropped something ten years ago

Some guy dropped a Mountain Dew can on my Dad's property. He pointed it out to me one morning when we were going to check the hotels the beavers had built the night before. I doubt I'll ever forget that conversation.

Dad: (stops and points at the can) You see this?
Me: That is a can. (with pride since I never know the answer to any of the nature questions)
Dad: Yes.
Me: You gonna pick it up?
Dad: Nope.
Me: Do you need for me to pick it up?
Dad: Nope.
Me: You just wanted to show it to me?
Dad: I'm telling you I am going to find who did this.
Me: You're gonna find who dropped that Mountain Dew can right there? Dad, we're in the middle of the woods.
Dad: Yep. I think I know who it is. I've been asking around.
Me: Seriously? Why don't I just pick up the can? (bending down to pick up the can)
Dad: Don't you touch that can.
Me: Geez, Dad. What are ya' gonna do when you find the person who did this?
Dad: I'm gonna bring 'em back here and watch 'em pick it up.

Grateful I don't have some bad ass looking for me.


Anonymous said...

Never know, you might

Shea Goff said...

Ah, the facing of fear. I know that one well but thank you for reminding me.