Monday, February 27, 2012

this is not goodbye, it's see ya' next week

This guy said about this guy, The journey of him not knowing to knowing was his work.

And that quote let me know what I planned to do this week by going to see this guy was the right move. I have so much to learn, more than a week long journey's worth but at least it's a start. No cell phone, no lap top. It will be me, the road, my camera, some books and the teachers I meet along the way. Right now I plan to return to you next Monday.

Of course I'll bring you back a souvenir. Lots of 'em.

Until then if you find you are looking for something to read in the morning, before you go to work or before you get the kids up for school or your lunchbreak or in the evening when you've just had enough of what the day brought, you may want to glance at what this guy has done.


I would go so far as to say I recommend it. Highly even.

I am grateful for opportunity, for people of this world who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge. I am so very grateful to receive it.


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff, good luck

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, Anonymous. It was wonderful.