Friday, February 24, 2012


If I tell you this you must not speak a word of it. This has to be between us. I'm serious. You can't say anything. Do not mutter a single syllable. Don't even make a funny face if we're in a conversation with others and something mentioned sounds like what I am going to tell you. As if we have our own little private joke and you look at me and smile while everyone else laughs, you can't do that. I will not look at you. This is not our personal connection, we do not share inside information. This is a secret of the top kind.

Do you understand?
Can I trust you?

I don't know. It could be that you would get this information from me, find it to be the very best thing you ever heard and it would stick with you. Maybe you would be driving north on the interstate and you'd see something off to the right which would remind you of what I am going to tell you. Thirty minutes later you would be sitting on the patio of your favorite Mexican restaurant. You and your best friend would be chatting. It would be the first time in a long time so each of you would be trying to get in a word edgewise about what's been happening in your lives. She would say something about how the new yacht she got is hard to redecorate and how her live in stud who looks like whoever looks the best showers her with too much attention and you'll just break. Right there on that patio you would say it. You'd tell, wouldn't you?

I wouldn't blame you.
The information is that good so you can tell her. But only her, nobody else.

Wait. I know you.
You'd tell your parents,
that lady at the convenience store who is one of the coolest people you know,
your boss 'cause you want a raise,
your kid because you want them to think you're awesome.

You can't.
I shouldn't tell you.
I'll have to think about it.
Maybe tomorrow.

Grateful for your patience.


Anonymous said...

WTF, tell me

Shea Goff said...

Hey, anonymous.

Thank you for being here. This made me smile. I have to tell you something. A secret. Yesterday a friend said to me, Now you're just gonna piss everyone off, acting like you have some big secret.

I laughed but I was nervous. What if my secret wasn't good enough? What if I built up all this anticipation for hardly anything? What if people were disappointed in me?

Little secret questions between you and me.

Biggest, deepest, craziest secret just between us.....

I think I'm gonna be okay.