Saturday, February 18, 2012

friday night fever

It wasn't but in my head the Pulp Fiction soundtrack would be playing when I walked in the door. I'd look more Selma than Uma and John Travolta would be sitting at the desk to my right. He wasn't. Sharon and David were there, the next best people to be doing so.

I'm fine that Avatar is flirting with another woman. He's such a scoundrel that way.

Anyway, for now let's stick with the dream. John would be leaning back in his chair and he would smile when I looked at him to say, hi. The smile would stick for just a moment which would seem like an eternity. Then in a whisper I couldn't hear but I could see his lips move though somewhere in his eyes is where I would be, he would say, hi.

I'd play it cool 'cause he's playing it cool so then I would ask if I could take pictures. He would chuckle and nod, leaning up and crossing his arms, You a photographer?

Wannabe, I'd say.

Be my guest, he'd lift his arm to present the room.

He would turn down the music as I sat down my bag and unzipped it pulling out the camera. I'd most likely be wearing something like Sharon wore. To be more specific I would have on a big black fro and big hoop earrings with Selma's body in Sharon's dress and boots.

Oh yeah, he'd have a dog too.

The dog doesn't have to be named Avatar. He just has to be Avatar.

I'd turn to my left and focus on the sculpture, take a few shots and check the lighting. Adjust as I hear him walk up behind me. Without auto focus this trip would be a waste, it would be all I could do to keep from trembling. Taking pictures would be the only thing there to save me from turning around and asking, You wanna turn off some of these lights, lock the door and dance? Cameras are good for the insane. They give us something to do.

I would bend down to look up at the woman in white, all naked.

He'd step up behind me and say, You like?

I'd say, Beautiful. Who's the artist? Does anyone else notice how cool I am?

You have good taste, he'd say. That's Sharon McConnell-Dickerson.

From around here? I'd stand and face him. I am the coolest of all cool. clearly.

She lives across the railroad tracks there with her husband David.  He is shown here as well.

Two artists in the same home? Wonder what that's like.

They work well together. You should meet them, see the way they he looks at her. The way they look at each other.

They're sweet like this,
and you know the world is okay for a moment because of the love you see surrounding Sharon.

And they have this awesome dog named Avatar. Here, he would touch my elbow, let me show you more of her work.

He would walk me to the front window behind the desk where he had been sitting.

I would see Sharon's view of herself. With John standing next to me I would pick up my camera and shoot.

She's quite sensual, isn't she?

Oh, you can't imagine, he would say. She has one of the most incredible stories and one of the most fantastic attitudes I've witnessed in a human.

Wow, deal art much?

He would laugh, I'm serious, and I volunteer here. I can maybe set something up for you if you'd like. You could meet her and David.

That'd be nice.

You'd owe me, he'd say.

Owe you, huh?


What would I owe you?

A dance.

A dance?


I would watch as he walked to the front door and locked it. He would turn, look at me and smile. Then he would reach and flip one switch cutting off half the lights in the room. I would have to giggle, cool out the window, as he walked over to the music and turned up the volume.

You better know how to dance, I'd say.

I would totally dance like Uma.

Seriously, my friend, check out Sharon's website, like her facebook page. If you can't make it to Como, MS I'll feel sorry for you but at least we have the internet.

I am grateful for the internet.

Also, I am grateful for dreaming and John Travolta and big back fros and music and Selma and Uma and Saturday mornings.


grannie said...

selflove it, you do great work in pictures and words, very,very proud of you

Shea Goff said...

Wonderful. Thank you so much. Your saying so makes me smile.

Sharon and David said...

Loved your blog Butter, and the pictures are brilliant. Love the way you wove the dream into the story. As I said last night, you and I got to go get the fro in the wig salon I told you about. I think I'll get myself an Uma wig. Love Sharon, David and Avatar.

Shea Goff said...

Oh good, you three. When I put on my fro I will demand that everyone call me Butter.