Sunday, February 19, 2012


1. Her spawn tried to kill her several times. Unsuccessfully obviously.

2. She is from Mississippi.

3. An American with world travel under her belt, she represents well.

4. She once went to a spa in Arizona and accidentally began teaching classes for those that came for self improvement. She just went to relax.

5. She loves photos of babies 'cause she loves babies, for some she is crazy fond.

6. The master of socks. At Christmas she gives bags of socks, the best socks. Socks to not only keep your feet warm but ones that will make them warm.

7. She is always learning, always studying. If you took the teacher out of her, if you could, she would maybe go limp.

8. The heart of a capitalist with more common sense in her pinkie than the world has anywhere.

9. She is to be admired, respected, feared. On that last one, the fear thing, she believes in your capacity as she believes in her own. If you don't believe in yourself she'll give you two minutes to do so. One hundred twenty, one hundred nineteen, one hundred you get the picture.

10. Her kids, they're a lucky bunch.

One day when I was eight or nine years old some weaselly kid on the bus said, Your Mama. This was back in the day when people still used the letter r. I was so mad I could have fought that boy, wanted to. How dare he talk about my Mama. Rather than fighting I went home in tears, put my books down in the kitchen, looked up at her and told her I was going to beat up a boy.

What happened? she asked.

Roger Rich said 'Your Mama' and that meant that you are not a good friend 'cause he was not a good friend to Mokey Raspberry and I told him that he wasn't and he said 'Your Mama', all said between gasps of breath and the kind of it broke my heart crying only an eight year old can do.

She smiled then laughed.

It's not funny. Why are you laughing? The presence of laughter caused a break in the sobbing.

What does Roger Rich know about me? she asked all matter of factly.

He knows you're my Mama.

What else?

I don't know, between gasps but without tears.

He doesn't know anything else. Why does what he says make me something?

I don't know.

It doesn't.

Grateful for logic classes in my home school program which was conducted after my attendance in public school.

Grateful for my Mom who celebrates her sixty-first birthday today.


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Shea Goff said...

Oh yes. She is.

Anonymous said...

This made me cry the second time it's normal to cry when you read sad/ happiness the first time but the effect should wear off once you know what's going to happen right? Obviously not with such wonderful stories written by such a beautiful woman...thank you!