Sunday, January 22, 2012


He's a lazy bastard living in a suit.

Maybe while you're waiting for those studio pictures you can take a listen to Cohen's Old Ideas. I think this means I'm going to be a little late with them. A storm is brewing tonight and Leonard feels quite appropriate.

Should I say I am grateful for your patience? I am for any you can afford me.


Anonymous said...

You have been granted patience, partly because you are my sister and with this station you are afforded it, partly because your time is just that, your time and no one else's, but mostly because the stone I choose not to cast took the form of a pillow that I used throughout the whole weekend. To employ the word nap to what I did this weekend is a misuse of the word. It is not strong enough vocabulary. Slept, slumber, rest and even hibernate find themselves lacking in meaning to what your brother did this weekend.

As you know, or you did not, I left work early on Friday. I left mainly because of what had transpired the day before, feeling that human interaction, especially that in the work environment, was not helping my current mind set. So I ran home at lunch presumably to write, draw or create something. This did not occur. When I pulled into my driveway, an obvious absence struck me and my saddened heart urged me to sleep. So I did. And did again many times throughout the next three days.

Some sleep was restless and full of waking dreams, others, worm holes that transported me hours into the future like a blink of an eye. This morning, however, I woke from a night that was filled with calming whispers, The heaviness fell and darkness was lit. Misty dreams of a green field, surrounded by a lush wood, basked in a warm morning light. Throughout, fresh holes had been dug in the wet ground, various limbs and twigs had been chewed and collected into a chaotic pile and wild game scampered off in the distance, pursued by a yellow streak. It was peace.

So on this stormy Monday morning, with dawn approaching, I feel ready for the day and am grateful to be so.

Shea Goff said...