Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I love many things. I love this.



Anonymous said...

I can imagine that purpose driven people feel that life is dashing it's way to it's conclusion far too fast. Each day has too few hours, weeks far too few days, and so forth. Einstein's desk looks as though he, even in the end, was scrambling to find his own conclusions before life had it's final say. They are the lucky yet misfortunate fools, who burden themselves with their own ambitions and dreams, whose work they will never see ended and must be taken up by future dreamers.

To Einstein, though he may not live with us any longer, breaths inspired dreams to this day.

Shea Goff said...

Yeah, I love it.

I love he worked till the day he died. I love that his work was something he loved. And on a purely superficial basis, I loved his hair.

You might want to check out some more on that guy's site. Right after that picture he posted a conversation with a coworker. It reminded me of you. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

will do but for now i am off to the grind. rather be in a plane with mom over japan.