Friday, January 27, 2012

on the patio of a diner on a street across from a park

She says, Don't settle.
He says, Don't go a changing.

A waiter carries a large tray of heavy glasses, full. There is a loose seam in the green indoor/outdoor carpet and the waiter knows about the fray, always avoids it. Until now, he is going too fast, thinking about too many things and he forgets.

She sits leaned forward with her elbows on the table. She takes a sip of wine.
He leans back in his chair, places his right ankle over his left knee. His hands are clasped at his waist.

The tip of that waiter's shoe catches that seam in that carpet at exactly that right angle and speed. The initial impact happens in the soul, when he figures it out, when all he is hitting is air on the outside. But on the inside there is an impact. This is the worst he gets hurt.

You are a scoundrel, ya know, like a question but not really. She can't help but smile. That's at least part of the problem.
He looks out over the park finding someone better to look at.
She looks him over as if he is a specimen of a wild animal seen on some wild show when she was younger.

The glasses fall first, but leap even before then. The liquids contained within each climb the sides, push up and dance in the air before spreading and falling. Remember the waiter, he's just feeling the soul hurt right now.

It's the last time they ever sit together on the patio of a diner on a street across from a park.

It was embarrassing for Billy, the waiter. No physical damage. He got yelled at, left that job six months later and went on to a better job and a girlfriend and a cool flat closer to the water. 'Cause everyone deserves at least one happy ending.

Grateful for all those beautiful fairy tales I heard as a child.


Young at Heart said...

mesmerising.........I love ot!!

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, young at heart. What a nice name.

Johnny Boy said...

Oh the way you write Ms. Shea...I am amazed at the complexity and detail with which you write such a fleeting moment, one that no one would ever think to be important or significant, much less beautiful such as you make it. As always, I'm much impressed, and you are beautiful! :)