Friday, January 13, 2012


Remember that day it snowed and you had stayed up most of the night so you slept past several hits of the snooze and when you finally awoke it was in a run and as you passed by my room we both kinda shouted our see ya' laters.

Remember how you came home from class in the early afternoon and requested nachos for your after nap dinner and I went to the grocery while you were sleeping. No, you don't remember that because you were sleeping, a good restful long sleep which you seemed to need.

Remember how you awoke late in the night and you were happy and you ate the nachos and we played with Billy Sue and talked about physics and computer concepts and SOPA and PIPA and I was amazed at your brilliance and confidence.

Please remember no matter where you go or what you do that this was a good day. of many good days.

of which I am so very grateful.

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