Sunday, January 29, 2012

light any way

Some days are dirt roads off gravel ones, one way in and one way out. You never get out of first gear. You begin to notice things, things that have always been there maybe. Maybe they never existed before you noticed them. (they did)

Anyway,  you want to obtain it hold on return with it just a little more so you try but your mind races 'cause there is so much to capture to seize to notice to adore so you breathe in a cold wind and snap take a shot adjust again one more time then another.


Anyway, you have started the training the practice the how you get better at removing the superfluous the cream at the top the those things that don't matter anymore so you don't shoot you don't care you let it be you turn away.


Anyway, it won't be long you don't even need patience there is absolutely no wait until something else appears becomes evident demands your attention and off you go.

Anyway, it feels like a dirt road off a gravel one.
It feels good and I am grateful.

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