Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kim uh oh she's gonna kill me

Kim has homicidal ideation. She wants to kill people. The only reason I feel like I can write about it here is that I know Kim will never kill anyone and this blog will not be called into a courtroom to provide evidence that maybe before that person died Kim who was in the room next to them still gripping a bloody knife could have killed them. I need to stop watching forensic channels obviously.

There are reasons Kim feels the way she does. First of all, she is short like an inch tall. She is a tiny person who sneezes like a chihuahua. This means that most of her life, pretty much all of it, other people towered over her. You know what she did? She became all full of I'm gonna get this shit done. And she does. She's scary and awesome like that. Just to tease her I used to sing short people have no reason to live. Dude, get off my back. Taller is the only thing I had on her. We were teenagers. I felt insecure. Okay, I suck.

She is refined fashion, appropriately her age.

She is my Mother's daughter. Seriously, she makes lists and checks them off and sometimes you're on that list so you run and hide and then she finds you and she checks you off and it wasn't so bad, the list, but her getting mad is like damn, girl. That shit is funny. You're gonna kill somebody that way.

But she's not.

Because yesterday somebody stuck sterile pins in her, two in the ear, two in one hand one in another, some on the leg and there was aromatherapy and at some point during a couple of hours she all of a sudden went all relax. She describes it as a definite moment in time.

How cool is that?

She is going to go every week for at least six weeks so maybe here on News Channel This Blog we will find out more about acupuncture. It will be our good health with only slight homicidal ideation series.

Grateful for Kim.


Anonymous said...

This one goes out to kim...

Shea Goff said...

I sing it so much better.