Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In town there was a home. Three bedroom, two bath, kitchen with a bay window (I think that is what a bay window is, we'll just say a big set of windows on a wall facing not a bay but a fenced in backyard). Entrance way, fancy living room, fancy dining room and a den with a fireplace, couch and a big console color TV without remote which contained Superstation WTBS and Saturday mornings.

But I think more than anything there was the backyard with the vacant lot beyond it. A vacant lot with trails and trees and kudzu and a huge ditch. Not only that but you had to cross a road with a paved drop which had to be similar to coming down Mount Everest on a skateboard. Maybe not all that but you'd fly on a bike with the wind coming through your hair like you were racing the world. At the last quarter bottom of it there was this bump, not so much a speed bump 'cause we didn't slow down for it, more like a bump to make us jump on a bike. Sorry but there wasn't a helmet. Maybe a few of us had to die before they constructed those, but none of us on that street kicked the bucket although there were many times we could have. I'm pretty sure that road is stained with blood and tears but it was worth it.

There were dogs we had. Smut was Jason's, Snoopy was mine, Smokey the cat was nobody's bitch. There was Gretchen who bit Ken Chatham and had to go but he deserved it. I think maybe there were others, it seems like there were and I am ashamed I can't recall their names right now.

We'll start with my dog Snoopy while Billy Sue is asleep in the bed. She would not approve of me typing about another dog I loved so much. Snoopy was a cocker spaniel, white with black spots. Smut was his brother, pure jet black. Then Chopper, their brother colored more like Snoopy with longer hair, was the Purvis' dog who lived behind us on the same street we raced. Smut and Snoopy were the best dogs ever. Chopper was an ass and always trying to pick a fight with Snoopy.

We'll talk more about that tonight since I slept late (yay).

And Kim, we'll talk about Kim and acupuncture.

Than we'll talk some more about other things.

And it'll be fun.

'Cause for me this place feels like home.

Who's grateful? I am.


Anonymous said...

this mornings blog seems a lot like the news at 6.

"Tonight at ten we'll take a look at acupuncture with Kim Parker and have Veterinarian John Paul to talk about sibling rivalry between dogs and the stress it causes on the children that love them."

Side note: I think it is time for you to get a Facebook page. i noticed yesterday that slater and an old friend were having a healthy back and forth for some time when "Slater Owen Goff" posted "i love this. - mom" which seemed to stop the thread. Just saying. If this is not accomplished in a week i will create a Facebook page for you and give you no access to it. I will randomly like the most obscure things, i will befriend the whole town of quitman, i will use only photos of you taken before you were five, you will quote lines from "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" so much that people will think you use it as your bible, and under "interested in" i will say men and women but comment that you are really looking for a man-woman or woman-man. That's right, you will be in a small circle of nerdy, gender confused people from around the world while your hometown peeps Facebook stalk you and wonder why does shea like the National Socialist party, and not the new National Socialist party, but the one in Germany from the mid thirties. you have been warned, it will happen.

evil laugh (hahahahahahahahaha)

Shea Goff said...

What's so sad is that Slater would totally follow that page and make self depricating comments on it. Signed Slater's Mom.

Do it, man. I dare ya'.

You don't scare me.

But you do make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

This is gonna be good, gotta few things i can contribute. :)

Anonymous said...

oh boy! Don't know how much more early morning entertainment I can handle, but I certainly look forward to this.
Much love from your Alabama reader

Shea Goff said...

Yes, my Alabama reader. Way too much fun to start our day. Nobody should laugh that hard while trying to drink coffee. So glad you are here.
Love you back.