Friday, January 20, 2012


We'll miss you, Yogi.

Grateful for the time we had.


Anonymous said...

thanks shea. great photos of him and one of the many stories that, despite me being really sad, makes me smile. If I could have found that shoe yesterday, I would of laid it down with him so he could always have it. It is so silly to me right now how many times I have cried in the last twelve hours. I keep telling myself he was just a dog, but this morning when I went to have my morning cigarette, a time that he would get off his couch and come outside with me, I could not stop the tears. It will pass i know. but right now there is a Yogi size hole in my heart. Love you, and thanks for taking so many great photos of him. I made a folder on my computer with all of the photos ever taken of him, and yours really captured who, that's right, who not what, he was and will always be to me.

Gratitude for the moments and gratitude for the moments you captured with your photos.

your brother

Shea Goff said...

He had good taste in shoes and rivaled Billy Sue in his photogenic prowess. I'm grateful he had you and you had him.

Love you back,