Saturday, January 7, 2012



It is 1978 at a roller skating rink in Meridian, MS. I have tagged along with a youth group from the big baptist church in our small town and I have on my snazziest outfit (which is sadly not snazzy at all, shout out to my Mom). I have already seen Saturday Night Fever. And it's Saturday night, people. The skating rink staff are the most efficient workers ever in the history of the universe. In no time we have our skates and are racing to get them on. I don't remember how many disco lights that place had but the light show came second only to the music.

At eight years old I was skating and shaking my ass to Wild Cherry's Play that Funky Music White Boy and Donna Summer's Hot Stuff.

Just in case you were wondering how I got so cool.

I found this CD during one of my most recent oh shit I need to reorganize my life moments.
Grateful for funky music and roller skates.


Anonymous said...

Besides some new arcade machines, the skating rink in meridian is pretty much the same as it was in 1978. Just in case you want to relive some childhood moments. I am sure the music is pretty much the same also.

Shea Goff said...

The current profitability of those rinks must be outrageous. I took Slater for a birthday party back in the nineties and nothing had changed. Don't think I'll be going back though because clearly I had. I'll just stick with the CD and the memories.

Johnny Boy said...

You are awesome...always...back in the seventies and today in the teens...continue on, Ms. Shea. :)