Tuesday, January 10, 2012


He was not perfect by any means. but then again he was and is. you always wanted to know so I want you to know here's what it was. the following.

he is and was strict about being good to our Mama. 
what was it that Bill Cosby said? I gave you life and I can take it away. 
was that Bill Cosby? 
well, at least I know it was Daddy about Mama.

he provided and protected. still does and every once in a while he'll say to me on the phone, ya know, Boog, if you need anything you just let me know. why hadn't you come home yet?
and I say, I don't know Daddy. I'm just here for now. Is that okay?
and he says, yes but ya' know all ya' gotta do is call me.
yes, Daddy. I know that.

that whole thing you do when you think nobody else is looking. pick your nose. fix yourself a drink. have a smoke. take a nap. piddle. try to move forward. play with Billy Sue. talk with Slater. cook. clean. take another nap. watch a movie. take a bath. brush your teeth. read. laundromat. buy groceries. write. take photographs. listen to music. Daddy was always moving, working. still does. if there was anything good his Daddy taught him it was to work hard. mule like.

even when he broke his back falling into an ocean from an oil rig he was back at work in no time, the next hitch I think. he did his own physical therapy and tried to make me do sit ups as a kid. me crying my eyes out. him counting and saying he'd start over if I didn't hush up. Mama would always save me with a, Bobby, stop harassing her. Go get cleaned up. Dinner's almost ready. He was trying to tell me to stay healthy and he still does which is good. healthy is good.

crazy as hell.
he enjoys/enjoyed life.
he is/was silly.
charitable beyond measure. 
with so much love in his heart.

Mama always said, It only takes one good person to raise a kid. I had/have many good people. And so does Slater.

and I am grateful.


Anonymous said...

She is on the porch stretching when he walks outside. She is still sweaty from completing her second yoga dvd of the day and has a look of accomplishment on her face that makes him grumble a little. He grabs a cigarette from his pack and lights it up. In the distance he hears the sounds of a man toiling.

"what in the world is he doing back there?" he says with a mind still hazy from an afternoon nap that raged out of control.

"I heard the chainsaw, now it sounds like the tractor. He must be doing something with firewood." She looks out towards the backwoods where the sounds are coming from. "He's been at it for a while whatever it is."

"I swear he loses thirty pounds every time he comes home. We need to go check the back field one day. He supposedly had a huge fire going yesterday. i'm sure the rain killed whatever he had started."

"What was he burning?"

"A field I guess. Who knows. You might need to go check him out one day. He showed me his leg all banged up yesterday."

"What did he do to himself this time?"

"He stepped on a log and fell. Told me that when you have a chainsaw in your hand there's no catching oneself. I can see that."


"Yeah, it looked like it would have hurt. I think the lesson here is to never have a chainsaw in your hand, at least that's what I take from it."

"You sure you two are related?"

He puts his cigarette out and goes back inside making sure to lock the door behind him. As she bangs on the door, he looks back and says,
"Your all stretched and warmed up, I'm sure he can use a hand."
He laughs to himself and goes into the living room with knocking and "josh, this isn't funny." fading behind him.

Shea Goff said...

geez, that cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

your daddy is my friend and protector, he's always been there for me, even when he didn't know he was protecting me. he works too hard, but loves it, i can just see him watching the animals in the woods with his gun, but not shooting anything just watching, he always named all the animals,i love my brother and know that he is proud of his kids and grands. such a good man, thanks shea and josh

Shea Goff said...

I imagine he is a good brother, Aunt Sue. I know he loves you dearly. And so do I. Thank you.