Wednesday, December 7, 2011

finding a treasure

Como Green Grocer

Obviously market conditions led to less of a need for land surveyors so he retired and opened a market in a town without a grocery store. They have been open a month and are reported to have some tasty Clementines, but I sure wish my Daddy could taste these blackberries.

We talk of a trip they took to Italy and the fresh markets they found, how they are trying to encourage patrons to do their daily shopping here. It is a beautiful place stocked with muscadine juice, locally canned vegetables and stone ground grits and corn meal. I find out that Mississippi has the only remaining Amish community in the deep south, and there is a gentleman there who weaves baskets which you can buy in this store.

It wouldn't be a wasted trip to stop by and see what all they have to offer. You can find them at 213 North Main in downtown Como, MS. I'll sure be back.

With gratitude, of course.

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