Wednesday, December 21, 2011

family business

It's midnight when Slater walks into the room and sees me staring at a blank screen.

Do you want me to do it? He asks.

You want to write a post?

Yeah, I'll do it.

Well, you can't sit in the editor's chair. You'll have to email it to the editor.

He laughs, fixes himself a bowl of chili and walks back to his room. Within minutes I have an email from him.

The Stetson and the Bowler
This story is complete fiction and as such has no base on real people.
A man walked into a bar. This man was quite ordinary in his appearance, a standard full head of black hair accompanied by a large black stetson. He walked into the bar merely to kill a little time before heading home. There was little to do and leaving from a soul emptying job and entering an empty house just seemed too much. Upon entering the bar the gentleman saw an old friend following the same procedure. The gentleman, Mr. Walker sidled up next to his friend, a short blond haired chap named James who wore a black bowler. They immediately started to talk about their long days at work each trying to best the other in who had it worst when in walked….
Shall the story continue?
Leave comments on how you want it to go.


Shelby said...

Surprise me.

Sharon Longworth said...

Ok, so we've got the black stetson, and the black bowler, now tell me about the old English guy in a black flat cap, and the sad young lady in a black straw bonnet...

Slater said...

Shelby, will do.

Sharon, I like the ideas. Expect a story tomorrow which includes each of them.

Shelby said...

How do they know each other? Do they work at the same place or different places? (Those questions are for you to incorporate in your story Slater)

I like your idea too Sharon.

Anonymous said...

who had it worst when in walked….a mangy badger.

Slater said...

Damn. Already put who walked in as Sharon's but I shall bring the badger in tonight at some point either tonight or tomorrow. I will try to do a history in it's own post for you Shelby. Kinda fleshing out who they are for myself right now.

Anonymous said...