Thursday, December 22, 2011

back by popular demand

Mrs. Haas, Slater's fifth grade teacher, told me to never allow anyone to discourage Slater from writing. But, I said, it's hardly legible. What about the run on sentences, the misplaced punctuation?

She laughed, That doesn't matter. It's his imagination. Don't let anyone stifle it. Come get me if they try.

Okay, I replied and walked away with a new found pride. My baby and his imagination, what a wonderful gift he gives us when he shares it.

Your next installment is my fourth email. As his mother it is fun watching him begin to care about this.

The Stetson and the Bowler
This story is complete fiction and as such has no base on real people

A man walked into a bar. This man was quite ordinary in his appearance, a standard full head of black hair accompanied by a large black stetson. He walked into the bar merely to kill a little time before heading home. There was little to do and leaving from a soul emptying job and entering an empty house just seemed too much today. Upon entering the bar the gentleman saw an old friend following the same procedure. The gentleman, Mr. Walker sidled up next to his friend, a short blond haired chap named James who wore a black bowler. They immediately started to talk about their long days at work, each trying to best the other in who had it worst when in walked a beautiful young blonde in a black straw bonnet and her sister who had no hair at all. The sister, a blank shell of a human, was clothed in grey scrubs; no one really seemed to notice either enter. The blonde seemed much more noticeable though as she sobbed her way to the nearest table, barely able to clutch her handbag as she sat down. The sister slowly moved with her and sat across from the blonde in a booth right beside where James and the stetson had chosen to roost for their banter. The sister, Sara, tried to calm the blonde and stem the tide of her tears but to no avail. In fact, it only seemed to worsen the blonde’s mood. She started to retort with “You aren’t supposed to be the strong one here; I am not the one who is ….” “The least you can do is not mention things that obviously don’t need mentioning Emily.” Sara interjected. After Sara calmed her sister the bartender came over, an elderly man in an old black flat cap walked up and asked the blonde, “Can I get you anything, Emily?” “Two shots of Jack Daniel’s for me and my sister Gerald,” she replied in a somber voice without hesitation. He nodded and then moved on to the next table without even looking at Sara. Before Gerald even reached the table James asked him, “What happened to Emily?” He slowly wagged his head and replied “Don’t have a clue mate, need anything for you and your friend?” James replied “A pitcher of the house favorite, please Gerald. Me and John here have some catching up to do.” Gerald nodded and moved towards the bar to fetch the drinks when all of a sudden….

Shall the story continue?
Leave comments on how you want it to go


Anonymous said...

when all of a sudden...the bar began to shake with such ferocity as to toss the pub's patrons into the smoke filled air like white flakes in a dimly lit snow globe.

Slater said...

Will do, tonight is also the night of the badger so be prepared people :)

Shelby said...

"...a dimly lit snow globe" when suddenly a mastiff sized badger entered the bar from the floor to present the patrons with a challenge.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Continue the story sir.